Sunday, September 25, 2011

Six Sexy Ab Exercises

Today the focus of most women on a man is his mid-section. Likewise a man also looks for a woman with a nice flat stomach. Without proper exercise you will never be able to develop and show off that midsection. Here are 6 exercises that when done properly and frequently should develop a nice midsection when combined with proper cardio and nutrition.

1.) Weighted Crunches (Swiss Ball): For these you will lay on a swiss ball so that the curvature of your back fits that of the Swiss Ball. You will hold a dumbbell in your arms tight against your chest and you will perform a crunch. You can weight down your legs if you need to.

2.) Hip Raises: Start off laying flat on your back. Place your hands under your butt and raises your legs up vertically into the air. Now you will begin to raise your legs up farther into the air but using your hips. You should feel this in both your lower and upper abdominals.

3.) Lat Flexion: Start off on a decline situp bench. You start sitting upright, cup your left hand and place it over your left ear. Now twist your torso so that your left elbow touches your right knee. Do the exact opposite to work your other side.

4.) Weighted Russian Twists: Again start off on a decline situp bench. Take a weight plate and hold it out away from your body. You now want to do the crunch motion but at the same time twist your body to one side, remember to keep your arms stretched out in front of you with that place. Alternate these twists to work both sides.

5.) Oblique Side Bends: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. With a plate or dumbbell in one hand bend to that side and then bend back past your vertical position. Make sure to not use your hips, arms, shoulders, or back in this. You want to isolate your internal and external obliques and let them do the work. Switch up to the other side once you are finished with the first.

6.) Modified Floor Swipers: These are my most favorite because they make everyone, even someone with seemingly rock hard abs cringe and scream in agony. They start off like Hip Raises however instead of raising your hips for this you let your legs swing to your left or right and barely touch the floor. You then bring them back to vertical position using ONLY your abdominals, do not use your back, legs, or hips. After they are back into vertical position you swing to the other side. Have fun with these and remember to do them slow and keep your body balanced or else you are cheating and won't get any benefit from this exercise.

Use these 6 exercises to liven up your routine or jump start a new one. However remember just knowing these exercises won't get you a 6-pack. It takes alot of hard work and dedication. Goodluck!