Monday, September 26, 2011

Returning after a Hiatus - Balance in Life

So finals week is over now and I have some free time. I will continue to post articles (hopefully) daily. There is one thing I would like to touch on before continuing, and that is balance.

It is very hard to maintain balance in life but when you do achieve it there are very few stressful moments and very few mountains that you cannot climb. The balance I am talking about is between your body, mind, and spirit. All require and equal amount of attention and a lack of health in one area will adversely affect the other two areas.

Your body, or in this case physical fitness will be our main focus. Like the other aspects when you break yourself down and build yourself back up you become stronger. However you do need to listen to your body when training so that you do not break it down too far. Breaking your body down too far can lead to illness and burnout. However when training properly you will see great benefits such as physical strength, endurance, resistance to illness, increase confidence, and a clearer mind that absorbs and processes information much more productively.

The triangle that these three aspects form is very strong. I encourage you to improve yourself in all three aspects, starting with the body since it is at first the easiest and builds confidence in oneself.

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